Womanโ€™s Cut & Style: from $55
Menโ€™s Cut & Style: from $55
Shampoo & Blow Out: from $45


Tint: from $75
Bleach: from $140
Mini Balayage: from $60
Partial Balayage: from $130
Full Balayage: from $140
Mini Highlight: from $50
Partial Highlight: from $100
Full Highlight: from $120
Tint with Mini Highlight: from $120
Tint with Partial Highlight: from $130
Tint with Full Highlight: from $150
*Color Correction: by consultation only; from $100 per hour
*Perm / American Wave: by consultation, from $300 per service


Balayage and Deep Conditioning Treatments

Balayage, meaning โ€œto sweepโ€ in French, is a masterful coloring technique that leaves the hair looking naturally sun-kissed. By a deliberate and artistic selection of small hair sections, the color is swept lightly from the roots and heavier toward the ends, resulting in a beautiful transition of natural color to the chosen color. This technique can even be combined with traditional coloring techniques for a very personalized look. Speak to your Color Designer today!

Weddings and Special Events

Group pricing and amenities packages available. Please call and schedule a consultation at least 4 weeks before your special day.